Thursday, March 11, 2010

Learn a word everyday

Offshorable -Something that can be done or produced in another country, especially at reduced costs.

Oversharing - Providing too much information on the Internet (credit card details, personal information, etc.) especially through social network sites.

Overworking class - A segment of today's working population where there is a desire or need to work long hours.

Recessionista- Popular new term for a person who succeeds in dressing stylishly on a tight budget.

Road rage - Aggressive habits often resulting in violence against other drivers.

Sandwich generation - A generation of people who care for the needs of their children as well as those of their own elderly parents.

Screenager - A young person or teenager who spends a lot of time in front of the computer screen.

Slumdog - Very poor, underprivileged person who lives in an overcrowded squalid area of a city called a slum.

Smirt - Blend of 'smoke' and 'flirt' Smoking prohibition laws have led to a new sort of social pastime : 'smirting', smokers getting to know each other when outside on the pavement.

Snail mail - The standard system of delivering mail which is very slow in contrast to electronic mail.

Spinnish - The language used by spin doctors, spokes-persons, campaign managers, etc. when trying to present information in a favourable light.

Staycation - A vacation in which you stay at home and relax or visit places close to where you live.

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