Thursday, March 4, 2010

Movies - Example Conversation

Let's look at a couple of example conversations before going to the practice section.

Person A: Hey John, I'm going to see The Matrix with Peter and Brad. Do you wanna come?
Person B: When are you guys going?
Person A:We're going to see the eight O'clock showing.
Person B: That would be perfect. Where are you guys meeting?
Person A:We're meeting at the theatre at seven thirty.
Person B: Great. I'll meet you guys there.

Person A: Hey Jill.
Person B: What's up Mike?
Person A:I was wondering if you have any plans for tomorrow night.
Person B: Umm... I don't think I have anything special for tomorrow. Why?
Person A: Do you want to see The Titanic with me?
Person B: I wanted to see that. Yeah. Let's go.
Person A: What time is good for you?
Person B: How about seven thirty.
Person A: Sure. I'll meet you at the theatre at seven.

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