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Conversation between two friends - Examples - Apartment

How to Have a Good, Less Hesitant Talk on Telephone with Friends

Do you find it difficult to stick to a telephonic conversation? Do you mostly receive a phone call that lasts for only two minutes just because you don't know what to share? Do you hesitate to make a phone call to your friends because you don't know how to say the things you want to into a phone? Surely, you know your friends better than anyone else and you love hanging out with them, but during a phone call, something strange occurs. You feel like you're out of words and don't know what to say to keep the conversation going. Well, don't worry as it happens to the best of us. Here are some tips that can help you make better telephonic conversations with friends.

Tips for Making a Good Telephonic Conversation

Never Rush to Answer a Call

When your phone rings, first see who is calling. Pre-think why he/she must be calling, when was the last time you talked and about what, and what you both have in common. These things will help you set the perfect tone for the conversation.

Give a Warm Greeting

Since you can identify who is calling you before picking up the call through caller ID, you don't have to start with a dry "hello" when your friends call. Try to sound a little upbeat. You can start your call with, "Hi, girl. What's happening?" Or, "Hey, Fred! What's up, man?" Rather than only saying hi, make yourself welcoming so that the caller will also feel enthusiastic in talking to you.

Be a Leader

Be the first to break the ice. If you ever find yourself in a situation where your conversation comes to a halt, just ask your friend some random questions to keep it going. You can say, "What else is going on? How's your progress going on with your project?" Or ask about any random thing that you or your friend like, for instance, "Do you know any good restaurants?" Or "You know, I was working on this *particular* thing, can you give me some ideas?

Sample Telephonic Conversation Between Two Friends

Here is a sample telephonic conversation between two friends.

Anne: Hello, Liza?
Liza: Yeah, what’s up, Anne?
Anne: I called you quite a few times today! Where were you?
Liza: Sorry, I was doing some work.
Anne: It’s okay. I hope I’m not interrupting you.
Liza: No, it’s absolutely fine. I’m free right now. What were you calling me about?
Anne: Do you still have that book I gave you?
Liza: Yeah, you want it back?
Anne: Yeah, I need to write a report on that book and need it for a few days.
Liza: Oh, I see. You can come tomorrow to pick it up.
Anne: Okay, I'll see you in the morning.
Liza: See you then. Goodbye.
Anne: Goodbye.

Example 2 

conversation between two friends

(Sudhan and Gopi are friends. Gopi wants to have a dog while Sudhan already has one.)

Sudhan : Hi, Gopi! You wanted to have a pet dog.

Gopi : Yes, of course! Could you please help me in finding one?

Sudhan : My aunt has got one Alsatian pup and a Mastiff pup to sell. Would you like to buy from her?

Gopi : I don’t know much about the breeds. Can you tell me something about both the breeds?

Sudhan : Well. An Alsatian and a Mastiff have quite a lot in common. Both are good watch-dogs. They are quite large.

Gopi : Then I’ll have the Alsatian. Can you take me to your aunt’s house, this evening?

Sudhan : I’m sorry, I’ve to attend the music class, this evening.But my aunt’s house is quite close-by, you know?

Gopi : In that case, could you please tell me how to reach her house?

Sudhan : Oh, sure! Go by this main road and turn left. Her house is the fifth one on the right side opposite the bakery.

Gopi : OK. See you then.

Note: In the above conversation between Gopi and Sudhan, you find the modals ‘can’ and ‘could’ used repeatedly for asking if someone is willing to do something and for asking for information.

Example 3

Josy : I’m planning to go to Germany for attending the World Music Festival, 2004.

Suji : Oh, are you? That’s good. Have you got a passport?

Josy : No. Is a passport necessary for going abroad?

Suji : It’s essential.

Josy : How does one get a passport?

Suji : You’ve to apply to the passport officer. Your application will be processed and the passport delivered to you in 30

Josy : Do we have to wait such a long time?

Suji : Absolutely. That’s the normal procedure.

Josy : Is there no way out?

Suji : Of course. You can go in for Tatkal.

Example 4 

Velu : Hai Ranga, how are you?

Rangan : Hai Velu. Fine, thank you. It is early on Sunday.  What makes you come, here?

Velu : You know, I am going to talk on ‘Unity is Strength’ in the inter school competition.

Rangan : So what?

Velu : I know something already but I need some more information. I need some incident from ancient literature.

Rangan : Well, I know my brother’s friend, a research scholar in Tamil Literature. Let us ask him.

Velu : Can’t we meet him now?

Rangan : Yes, indeed. He is here with us today. Let us go in and meet him in the room. (They enter the room. Mr. Nathan is reading a paper.)

Rangan : Mr. Nathan.

Nathan : Yes, what can I do for you?

Rangan : This is Velu, my friend.

Nathan : Hello!

Velu : Pleased to meet you, sir.

Rangan: Velu is taking part in a speech competition on ‘Unity is Strength’. Could you give a few tips from ancient

Nathan : You know how divided the Tamil kings were among themselves.

Velu : They were usually at war with one another, weren’t they?

Nathan : Yes, they were more at war than in peace. Here is an incident of how the great poetess ‘Avvaiyar’ brought
about unity among the three kings.

Rangan : She must have been very popular

Nathan : She was a zealous poetess and humane too. Once the ancient Chera, Chola and Pandya kings attended a wedding arranged by her.

Velu : It must have been a unique event.

Nathan : All the three kings attended the wedding.

Rangan : Where was it?

Nathan : At Selaram, now known as Salem. After the wedding Avvaiyar suggested that they stayed back for a few days.

Velu : Where did they stay?

Nathan : The Chera king stayed at Salem, the Pandya king at Veerapandi and the Chola king at Uthamacholapuram. Probably you can build on this incident in your speech.  Avvaiyar worked for the unity among these Kings. Her songs are full of humanism.

Velu : I have read ‘Athichudi’ and “Nalvazhi

Nathan : That’s good. Please read more about Avvaiyar and also practise the values found in her poems. 

Roommate - Apartment

When people live in an apartment, it is usually among friends. So there's no need to worry about being too polite. As long as you have common courtesy, you will have no problem. On the other hand, if you are looking for a roommate, then there are some things you should learn how to say. The list of questions below are examples of questions you should ask when looking to join existing people in an apartment.


"What is the rent here?"

"How many people live in the apartment?"

"How many bedrooms does the apartment have?"

"How much is utilities?"

"Does the rent cover the utility bills?"

"Do you have any rules for living here?"

"Does it get loud in here?"

"What time do people usually go to sleep?"

"Do you hold any parties here?"

"How many people share the bathroom?"

"Do you have cable?"

"Do you have high speed Internet?"

Common answers

"The rent is $1200, so you would only pay $400."

"This is a three bedroom unit, so you would be the third person."

"On average, utilities are about $125."

"The rent does not cover utilities. You would be responsible for 1/3 of the utilities."

"We are pretty quiet during the week days, but on the weekends, it can get a little loud."

"We have both cable and DSL here."


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