Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Conversation - Office basics another example

1. Person A | Person B
A: "Are you new here?"

B: "Yeah. I just started yesterday."

A: "Welcome aboard. I'm Jack."

B: "I'm Mark. Nice to meet you."

A: "What are you going to be working on?"

B: "I'm going to work on the planning team. But I haven't started yet. I'm still in training."

A: "The planning team is great. Our marketing team works with them closely. We'll end up working together sometimes."

B: "That's great. Oh, can I ask you some questions?"

A: "Sure."

B: "Does this company have a casual Friday?"

A: "Not really. You can get away with wearing slacks, but I've never seen anyone wear jeans."

B: "That's alright. Do you know any good places to eat around here?"

A: "Yeah there's a deli right across the street. They have fresh sandwiches and sometimes hot dishes like teriyaki. It's pretty good."

B: "That sounds good. Thanks for the info."

A: "No problem. If you need anything, I sit right around the corner here."

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