Thursday, April 22, 2010

Easy way to speak english

Information on Grammar pertaining to English Speaking

In order to obtain English fluency,studying grammar can slow your progress down significantly. Basic grammar is a necessity, but focusing on grammar will prevent you from being able to speak English fluently in a reasonable time frame. Grammar is most effective to improve communication and writing skills, but this only pertains to those who have a solid foundation in English fluency.

If you are studying for an exam or want to learn the details of all the grammar rules, then you should visit the many sites that are available for this purpose. focuses on speaking fluency and our mission is to provide information, lessons, and a solid program that will allow students to speak and communicate in English without any problems.

One commonality among everyone in the whole world is that they learned to speak before they learned grammar. Speaking is the first step for any English learner. So if you are a novice at English, please focus on your speaking and listening skills prior to studying grammar. After being able to speak English fluently, you will realize how much easier grammar is. But it does not work the other way around. Being fluent in English speaking will help you with your grammar studies, but studying grammar will NOT help you with your speaking.

Because of this view, I do not have a major section on grammar. I have provided only the basic key grammar lessons that a beginner should know prior to studying English. Please review and study them, then work on your speaking and listening skills.
Creating Proper Sentences
What is subject?
What is a predicate?
What is verb?
Waht is an article?

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