Sunday, April 4, 2010

good sayings

Necessity is the mother of invention.

The need for something forces people to find a way of obtaining it.

Need teaches a plan.

Necessity will make you find a solution.

Never put off till tomorrow what can be done today.

Don't postpone something you can do now.

Never say die.

Never give up.

No man can serve two masters.

It's impossible to follow instructions from two different sources.

No man is an island.

We all need other people.

No news is good news.

If the news was bad, we would hear of it. Since we have heard nothing, we can assume that all is well.

No smoke without fire.

There could be some truth in the rumour...

No wind, no waves.

Similar to : 'no smoke without fire'.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

You cannot expect to achieve anything if you don't take risks.

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