Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hiring car - Interactive Practice

Car Rental - Interactive Practice

A: "Hello, ABC Car Rental. How can I help you?"

B: "Hi, I wanted to make a reservation."

A: "What location would you like to rent from?"

B: "I am flying into Los Angeles Airport. Do you have a booth there?"

A: "Yes we do. What date are you flying in?"

B: "I am arriving on June 22nd."

A: "What time is your arrival time?"

B: "I am scheduled to arrive at 2 pm."

A: "How long would you like to rent the vehicle?"

B: "I will need it for 10 days."

A: "What size car would you like?"

B: "A midsize car please."

A: "Can I get your name?"

B: "Yes. My name is Sang Min Lee."

A: "Can you spell that?"

B: "Last name is L E E. First name is S A N G. Middle initial is M."

A: "Great. Thank you. I have reserved a midsize car for you for June 22nd until July 1st. Is there anything else I can help you with?"

B: "That will be all."

A: "Thank you for calling."

B: "Thank you. Bye."

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