Wednesday, April 28, 2010

How to ask directions

Asking for Direction - Light and 'Y'
On the third light

"Go down this street, after you pass two stop lights, turn right on the third light. You'll see it right around the corner."

"Head down Madison Street and on the fourth light, turn left. You should see it immediately."

"Turn right on Jackson. Keep going straight for three lights. When you see Burger King, turn left. It's right there."

The 'Y'

A 'Y' is a street that turns into two. It's not really a left turn or a right turn, but the street is shaped like the letter 'Y'.

"Keep going down this street. Stay on the left side when you reach the 'Y'. At the next light, turn right."

"Take a left on Jackson. At the 'Y' go to the right. It will be on your left hand side about a mile down that street."

"Go for about three miles on this street. At the 'Y' go to the left. You'll see a blue house on your right. It's right after that house."

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