Tuesday, April 27, 2010

How to make hotel reservations

Hotel -Making a Reservation III

After they determine how many rooms and how many total people, they will ask you what type of bed you want.

"Would you like a single king size bed, or two double size beds in the room?"

"Will a single king size bed be ok?"

"We only have a room with two double size beds. Will that be ok?"

"Do you want a smoking room or a non smoking room?"

"Do you prefer a smoking or non smoking room?"

"I would like a smoking room."

"Can I have a non smoking room?"

"Either is fine."

"I don't have a preference."

You will have to provide your credit card number to reserve the room.

"Can I get a credit card number?"

"Can I have your credit card number?"

"What is your credit card number?"

Finally, they will repeat all the information back to you.

"Ok, Mr. Lee. I have one smoking room reserved for July 19th till July 22nd. The total comes to $256.78 after tax. If you need to cancel, please call us 24 hours before July 19th. Can I help you with anything else?"

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