Thursday, April 22, 2010

How to talk to roommate - Example

Roommate - Interactive Practice - 3

A: "I'm calling about the available room. Is it still available?"

B: "Yes it is. Do you know where we're located?"

A: "Yeah. I drove by this morning and I liked the location. What's the rent?"

B: "It's $850 a month. So you would pay $425 a month plus half of the bills."

A: "How big is the place?"

B: "It's a two bedroom, one bath and roughly about 800 square feet."

A: "Is the complex pretty quiet? Can you hear a lot of noise or anything like that?"

B: "They have a strict policy in the apartment complex concerning noise level. So it stays very quiet after 10 PM."

A: "Are you the only person who lives there now?"

B: "Yeah. I'm only looking for one roommate."

A: "Everything sounds good. Can we schedule a time to meet so I can look at the place?"

B: "I'm available anytime today or tomorrow."

A: "How about if I come over now?"

B: "That works with me. But what is your name?"

A: "Oh, my name is Brad."

B: "Ok. I'm Randy. So I'll see you in a bit?"

A: "Should only take about 15 minutes to get there."

B: "Sounds good."

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