Thursday, April 8, 2010

Interaction about examinations

College/School Related - Examinations

What is a school without examinations? They all have it. So, we will have to spend a session talking about exams.There are many types of tests and different terminologies. You can be taking an in-class test, or it could be a take-home final. It could be a multiple choice exam or an essay type format. In either case, we will cover it here. First, let's learn the different terminologies associated with testing.







Take-home final

Research paper

Final paper




Open-book test/final

Common questions you can ask about exam format:

"How many tests did you have to take in your Math class?"

"What was the mid-term like?"

"How much percentage is the mid-term towards the final grade?"

"Do you have to write any papers in that class?"

"How many pages did you have to write for your essays?"

"Was the open-book exam hard?"

"How difficult was the take-home final?"

"Was the final exam short answer questions, or was it multiple choice?"

"Did you have any pop-quizzes in your geology class?"

"How much time did you get to write your research paper?"

"How often did you have a quiz?"

"What day did you take your final?"

"When did you take your final?"

"Are you done with your mid-terms?"

"When is finals week?"

"The syllabus for the econ class says you have six exams. What were they like?"

"How difficult is the mid-term for psychology 101?"

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