Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Interactive Practices - Office Basics

1. Person A | Person B

A: "I can't get the printer to work."

B: "Did you check to see if it had paper?"

A: "Yeah. That's the first thing I checked."

B: "I don't know then. You might have to call the technician."

A: "How do I do that?"

B: "Just tell the admin and she should take care of it."

A: "Is there another printer that I can use?"

B: "Yeah. There's one down the hall next to the supply room."

A: "Oh yeah... I remember that one. Thanks."B: "No problem."

2. Person A | Person B
A: "Do you have a lot of work?"

B: "Yeah. I'm pretty busy. Why?"

A: "Oh. I needed some help on documenting this process."

B: "Does this have to be done right now?"

A: "The manager wants it by Friday."

B: "I'll try to free up my schedule. Remind me again tomorrow morning, and I'll help you in the afternoon."

A: "Do you need to read the documents first?"

B: "Yeah. That would help."

A: "I'll print you a copy and then drop them off."

B: "Make sure you drop it off before five because I have to leave early."

A: "No problem. Thanks."

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