Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Interactive Weather activities

Weather - Interactive Practice

Example - 1

A: "Hey John, it's beautiful out today, isn't it?"

B: "Yeah. I wish it would be like this everyday."

A: "Did you see the weather forecast?"

B: "Unfortunately, it's supposed to start raining tomorrow night."

Example - 2

A: "Do you know what the weather is going to be like tomorrow?"

B: "It's supposed to be the same as today. I don't think the weather will change much for the next week or so."

A: "That's great."

B: "Why are you so happy? Do you have anything planned?"

A: "Yeah, I'm going to Everland with my family this weekend so I was hoping for good weather."

Example - 3

A: "I can't believe it is raining so much."

B: "It's not that bad. Last year we had floods in 4 different areas of the city."

A: "Really? Does it always rain so much during this time of year?"

B: "This is not as bad as usual. During the monsoon season, we usually have rain for 3 weeks."

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