Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sharing Things between Roommates

Roommate - Sharing things and Questions

Sometimes a roommate will bring a mini refrigerator, or it might turn out that you will. It's polite to let your roommate use the refrigerator too.

"Feel free to use the refrigerator."

"Can I put my drinks in your fridge?"

"Do you mind if I use your refrigerator?"

 If you connect with the person and you become friends, then you will not even need to ask. For example, after you get to know the person your comments will be different. Say I become a friend of my roommate. And then after a month or so, he brings a refrigerator. I wouldn't ask to use it, I would rather comment on how useful it will be. It's assumed that a friend can use the refrigerator, so no need to sound weird by asking politely. Instead you can say,

"Cool, you brought a fridge. I can go buy milk now."

This comment is saying that you appreciate the refrigerator by saying, 'cool', then you indicate that you are going to use it by saying you will buy milk. If your friend doesn't object to your comment, then it is the same thing as getting permission to use the refrigerator.

Responding to questions

"Are you a night person or a morning person?"

"I'm a night owl. I usually sleep pretty late."

"What time do you usually go to sleep?"

"It varies. Usually between midnight and one in the morning."

"What time do you usually wake up?"

"I don't wake up until I have to."

"I usually wake up at nine in the morning."

"Does the music bother you?"

"No not at all. I like it."

"Do you mind if I turn the stereo on?"

"Oh, feel free."

"Can I put my drinks in your fridge?"

"Sure. Don't worry about it."

"Do you mind if I use your refrigerator?"

"No problem at all."

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