Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Simple questions-Company Policies

Business English

Every company has their own rules about animals, dress code, break time, vacation time, and many other policies. Let's take a moment to learn how to ask about these policies.

"How long are we allowed for lunch?"

"How long is our lunch break?"

"If I only take a 30 minute lunch, can I leave 30 minutes earlier?"

"What time should I report to work?"

"Is there a strict policy on working hours?"

"Are we allowed to start work an hour later if we work an hour more?"

"What is the dress code here?"

"Are we allowed to wear casual clothes on Friday?"

"Does this company have the casual Friday thing?"

"If I have ten vacation days, am I allowed to use them all at once?"

"What holidays do we have off?"

"Do our vacation days expire?"

"Does this company allow telecommuting?"

"Are we allowed to work from home?"

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