Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Corporate meeting planner

 Bite the bullet!

If you're a naturally shy person, it can be hard to speak confidently in public. Fortunately, there are plenty of confidence tricks you can use to make sure your shyness doesn't prevent you from taking part in a meeting:

- prepare what you want to say in advance so you know you won't forget anything important

- practise in front of a mirror the day before

- jot down notes about what you want to say

- know what phrases you can use to introduce your main points

- prepare answers to possible questions people could ask you

- worry less about perfect English, but more on your ideas

- maintain eye contact with all participants

- remember the importance of body language: nod to show you agree, frown if you don't understand, and smile when you meet people

- ask the chair for help, if necessary

- check and confirm important information with other meeting participants:

It's a lot to remember, but try one of these ideas per meeting, and you'll soon find you get more out of business meetings.

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