Monday, May 17, 2010

Department store - example conversation

Department Store

There are only a few things that you need to know how to say. Here is a small list.

Finding something

"Do you have different sizes for this shirt?"

"Where are your blue jeans?"

"Do you have regular T-Shirts here?"

"Where is the dressing room?"

"Do you have a dressing room?"


When you see a shoe that you like, you have to find a worker and have them bring your size out to you. Here are some ways to say what you want.

"Can I try this shoe on in a seven?"

"Can I get this in nine and a half?"

"Can I get this in a size six?"

If you don't know what your size is, they will take your measurement.

"I don't know what my size is?"

"I don't know what size I am."

"Can you take my measurement?"

When you go to the register, you don't need to say anything. However, they might ask you a bunch of questions.

"Did you find everything you needed today?"

"Was anyone helping you with this?"

"Would you like to open a credit card? You can get 10 percent off of everything for today."

These are all yes and no questions so answer appropriately.

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