Thursday, May 20, 2010

Easy way to learn english - Role play

Listen to Nagesh introducing his cousin Suresh toBenjamin:

Nagesh : Hello Suresh, how are you? (greeting)
Suresh : Fine, Thank you. How are you?
Nagesh : I am fine too. (responding to greeting)
               Benjamin, meet
               Mr.Suresh, my cousin. Suresh, meet my friend, Benjamin.
Suresh : How do you do? (responding to first introduction)
Benjamin : How do you do?
Nagesh : Benjamin, yesterday I saw your brother going to St.Martha’s hospital. What’s the matter?
Benjamin : My father has been admitted there. He had a mild heart attack.
Nagesh : How sad! It’s very unfortunate. (expressing sympathy)
Suresh : Oh! How is he now?
Benjamin : He’s still in the ICU. But the doctor says that there is nothing to worry.
Suresh : Thank God! (expressing relief)
Nagesh : I wish him a speedy recovery. Hope he’ll get well soon.
Benjamin: I hope so too. See you later.
Suresh : See you. Bye!
Nagesh : See you again. Bye! (taking leave)

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Robert said...

In introducing a person, what would be the rules between gender and age? Say, for example, you are introducing your mother to the US president. To whom would you introduce whom? I mean, what rules do we follow?

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