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English speaking tips

English speaking tips

Get over any fear you might have of making mistakes. You will make mistakes.
Be patient with yourself. Learning any language can be frustrating, but frustration won't help you, so let it go.
Grasp every opportunity you have to speak with people in English.
Talk to friends who are also learning English. Go out together for coffee and only speak English to each other!
Read short stories out loud and try to see, say and hear the words to reinforce your memory. Record yourself and play it back later, how does it sound?

Find native English speaking friends:-
  • You might not be able to find any friendly native speakers where you live, but You can find English speaking people on the Internet! If you can't find anyone who'll actually help you, don't worry, you'll still be able to figure out if they can understand you. 
  • Look for people with the same interests as you. It's no good asking everyone you meet to help you with your English, rather develop natural friendships based on your hobbies etc. Eventually you will make friends and they will be much more likely to give you correction / guidance.
  • Join an English club or conversation group. Around the world there are many English speaking clubs, these clubs aren't just for expats but for people interested in the English way of life. They can be friendly and fun. Check magazines as well as your phone book, your local newspaper and your local university. 
  • Visit an Irish/English/Australian theme pub or British food shop, you can usually find one in the larger cities. Often, the waiters and waitresses come from English-speaking countries, the menu is often in English too!
  • Once your English is good enough, go shopping in some tourist areas. You'll find lots of shop assistants speak very good English.
  • If you can travel to an English speaking country, do it.
  • There are several internet based voice chat programmes out there

Listen to the conversation: Meeting a foreigner in Chennai

Rahul : May I introduce myself? My name is Rahul. (introducing oneself)
John : I am John.
Rahul : How do you do? (responding to introduction)
John : How do you do?
Rahul : Where arr you from, Mr.John? (asking for information)
John : I’m from the US. How about you?
Rahul : I belong here. How long have you been here?
John : I’ve been here for two weeks.
Rahul : Are you going to stay for long?
John : No, I’m just on a short holiday.
Rahul : Do you like Chennai? (asking for likes/dislikes)
John : Yes, I am enjoying it here. (expressing likes/ dislikes)
Rahul : Is it too hot for you?
John : No, not too hot.
Rahul : And how do you like the food here? (asking for likes/dislikes)
John : It’s delicious and tasty, but a little hot and spicy. (expressing likes/dislikes)
Rahul : Do you like our idlis?
John : I love the soft idlis, particularly with sambar. Fantastic combination.

Rahul : How about parathas?
John : Parathas? I can’t stand that. (expressing likes/dislikes)
It is tough and leathery unnlike your fluffy idlis.

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