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Example conversation in Post office

Example conversation in post office.

Balu : May I come in, sir?

Post Master : Please do, what can I do for you?

Balu : My father is in Mumbai. He sent a mail last week. But I haven’t received it so far. Would you please check it up?

Post Master : You see, the letters from the West are delayed due to the train accident.

Balu : Is that so? Can I get some information regarding my mail?

Post Master : You may try with the Sorting Office.

Balu : Could you tell me the way?

Post Master : I am a little busy. Could I ask the attendant to help you?
              [Balu meets the attendant]

Attendant : Well. As you go out of the Post Office, turn left.

Balu : O.K. sir.

Attendant : Keep walking.

Balu : How far is it, sir?

Attendant : Just half a kilometer. Take the right turn.

Balu : I know now. Thank you very much.

Attendant : Cross the road carefully.

Example 2 

John : Sir, I want to deposit Rs.500/- in my father’s account.

Clerk : Fill in the challan and give it at the counter.

John : Can I make use of this yellow slip?

Clerk : No, that’s for withdrawal. Please use the blue one.

John : May I seek your help in filling this?

Clerk : I’m sorry. I’m a little busy. Can you wait for some time? I shall ask the attendant to help you.

John : Thank you sir.

(The attendant helps John. Then John gives the challan and the money to the cashier.)

Cashier : This ten rupee note is very soiled. I can’t accept it.

John : Sir, I don’t have any other note. Anyway the value is the same. It is not like human love which changes  with appearance.

Cashier : I see your point. I’ll take the note.

Post Office

If you are sending it to a different country, you have to fill out a form. You can either wait until you are ready to send it, or you can fill out the form before going to the counter. They will have blank forms available next to the counter for anyone to take. On the form, you have to specify what you are sending, how much it costs, and the address of where you are sending it to. After filling out the form and packing your box, you are ready to go back to the post office to send it.

Because the box should already have the address, they will not ask you where you are sending it. The first question they usually ask is how you want to send it. You can send it by boat, and a variety of air mail.

"How would you like to send it?"

"How much is it for air mail?"

If that is too expensive, you can ask if there is anything cheaper.

"What is the cheapest way to send it?"

Because you are sending a box, they have standard questions they ask everyone.

"Are there any perishable food items in the package?"

"Are there any fragile items?"

They also ask if you want insurance on the package. It's not that expensive so you can ask how much it is.

"Would you like to insure your package?"

"Would you like insurance?"

"How much is it?"

"It's $7.16."

After everything is determined, they always ask one more question.

"Do you need any stamps today?"

That is basically it. Let's cover some general sentences you might need to know in the post office.

"How much does it cost to send a regular letter to Korea?"

"What is the fastest way to send this mail?"

"What time do you open in the morning?"

"What time do you close

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