Thursday, May 27, 2010

Faster way to speak english - Example conversation

The Headmaster compliments the head-boy.

Sundar : May I come in, Sir? (asking for permission)
Headmaster : Yes, please come in.
Sundar : Did you call me, Sir?
Headmaster : Yes Sundar, congratulations! (congratulating) I called you to compliment you on your wonderful performance on the Annual Day.
Sundar : Pardon me, Sir, I don’t get you, (request for repeating)
Headmaster : I’m talking about the speech that you delivered on the Annual Day.
Sundar : Thank you, Sir. After all I owe it to the school.
Headmaster : The Chiefguest was immensely pleased with you and he expressed it to me.
Sundar : I’m pleased to hear that, Sir.
Headmaster : Very well done and keep it up, my boy.
Sundar : Thank you very much, Sir.

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