Monday, May 24, 2010

How to improve the spoken English skills

How to improve the spoken English skills?

Speak in English: The best way to improve the spoken English skill is to talk in English with others. This will enhance your English language skills. When you can talk easily with another person in English, then you know that you are well conversant in the language.

Watch English films: Another better way to learn the language is to see a lot of English movies. When you see the characters speaking in front of you then you tend to learn the language better. The characters speak with different moods and therefore people who listen intently can learn the language better.

Example Conversation:
The principal of a school is speaking over phone to a tourist agent about going on a picnic. Rewrite the jumbled turns of the tourist agent in column B so that her responses form answers to the questions asked by the principal in column A.

A                                                                                                 B
Hello, Good afternoon. Is it                         How about Mudhumalai
244575? Sanctuary?

I am the Principal of G.K.                              It’s Rs.2500/-only.
School. We have planned to take
our students out for a picnic.
Could you suggest some place?

How do you reach there? We are              Welcome, Bye.
a group of 45 students and two

Will your bus accommodate fifty              You can book one of our tourist buses.
How much do you charge for a                   Yes, please,Good afternoon.
day?                                                                  Can I help you, Sir?

That sounds nice: I’ll send my                      Of course ours is a 50- seater
clerk to your office with bus.
a token advance of Rs. 1000/-.
Is that OK?
Thank you.                                                      Perfectly alright.

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