Wednesday, May 19, 2010

How to interact with strangers

Talking to Strangers - Interactive Practice - 3

A: "That's such a cute dog. What kind is it?"

B: "He's a cocker spaniel."

A: "I have a terrier at home. What's his name?"

B: "His name is Buffy."

A: "Hi Buffy. You're so cute. Do you come here for a walk often?"

B: "About 3 times a week. It's a good walk and Buffy likes it too."

A: "It's a great place for a walk. I wish I had a trail like this at home."

B: "Where are you from?"

A: "I'm visiting from Korea. I live in the city so there aren't many places like this."

B: "I guess that's one thing good about suburban life."

A: "I wouldn't mind the slower pace of life. I am always in a hurry. That's why I wanted to come and relax."

B: "That's good. How long are you staying for?"

A: "I'm here for about three weeks. Oh, it looks like Buffy wants to go."

B: "Yeah. Well, it was nice meeting you. I hope you have a good time here."

A: "Thanks. It was nice talking to you."

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