Thursday, May 20, 2010

Junk food - Conversation

Junk food


Hi! Lori here, welcoming you to episode of Real English Conversations from Improve your spoken In today’s conversation, which is the first of three parts, my English friend Puru and I talk about junk food and television advertising. Before you listen to the conversation, you might want to warm up and activate your existing vocabulary by thinking about the following questions:

1) What is junk food anyway, and how does it differ from healthy food?

2) Do junk food ads on TV influence you in any way?

3) Do you think that junk food ads should be banned on TV when children are likely to be watching?

4) What challenges do parents face when trying to get their children to eat healthy food instead of junk food?

If you want to read along as you listen, you can find the full transcript and vocabulary notes on our website,

OK, here we go with the conversation!

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