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Talking about your hobbies in English

Talking about your hobbies in English

Questions you can ask

What do you like doing?

What sort of hobbies do you have?

What do you get up to in your free time?

How to reply

my free time I…

When I have some spare time I…

When I get the time, I…

I relax by (watching TV)

I'm interested in (+ noun / gerund)

I'm keen on (+ noun / gerund)

I'm into (+ noun / gerund)

I enjoy (+ noun / gerund)

You can add "really" or "quite" after "I'm…" for emphasis.

"I'm really keen on football."

Giving a longer reply

You can give more information about your hobbies and interests:

I like arts and crafts. I'm a creative / practical person, and like doing things with my hands.

I'm an outgoing person, and like socialising / hanging out with friends

I enjoy being physically active, and spend a lot of time playing sports and team games.

Like doing vs like to do

We use like + gerund to talk about general likes:

I like fishing.

We use like + infinitive to talk about more specific likes:

I like to go fishing at the weekend.

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thnx guys 4 help me .,.,,.,. i really like ur pattern ,.,. thnx again

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