Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ways to improve your speaking skill

Store and More - Interactive Practice

A: "Hi. I would like to send this to Korea."

B: "How would you like to send it?"

A: "What is the price difference?"

B: "You can send it priority airmail for $17.68 or regular airmail for $13.95."

A: "I'll send it through regular airmail."

B: "Is there any food items in here?"

A: "No."

B: "Is there any firearms or explosives?"

A: "No."

B: "Is there anything fragile?"

A: "No."

B: "Would you like to insure the contents?"

A: "How much is insurance?"

B: "For $200, it comes to $3.76."

A: "Yes please."

B: "Do you need any stamps today?"

A: "No thank you."

B: "Ok. Your total is $18.63."

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