Friday, June 4, 2010

Accepting and declining help - In English - How to talk.

In what ways can you offer help to others in various life situations?

Kaushik is exasperated as his scooter would not start. Anand offers to help him.

Kaushik : (Kicking his scooter) Oh, what a day!
I’ve been kicking for five minutes. This scooter wouldn’t start. Oh God, I’m tired.
Anand : Hi Kaushik! Having trouble with the scooter?
May I help you?
Kaushik : How very kind of you, Anand!
Please try your hand.
Anand : (Starts it easily) Look, how easy it is to start.
You’re impatient Kaushik.
You haven’t put the keys properly.
Kaushik : Thanks Anand.

Association Secretary : I need someone to give a vote of thanks in the function today. Everyone is backing out.
Member : Perhaps I could do it sir.
A S : Thank you for your offer. But I’m afraid you have a bad cough. That might come in the way of your
Member : Of course, Sir. But I’ll manage.
A S : Thank you for your spirit. But let’s not take a risk.
You’ll need your voice for next week’s culturals.

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Monique said...

Yes, truly we can do a lot to help alleviate the sad plight of others. I mean, be it a big or small situation, we each have a role to contribute to lessen the gravity of it all.

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