Tuesday, June 15, 2010

children English conversation and question answer

Jothi : See the boy in red shirt.
He is running fast.
Jagan : Yes, he will be the winner.
Jothi : Have you noticed that boy?
Jagan : Who?
Jothi : The one in the blue shirt.
Jagan : Yes, he is clapping hands.
Jothi : Look there! An aeroplane.
Jagan : Let's hurry to the terrace.
(They both go upstairs to watch the aeroplane.)

 Say right or wrong.
1. The children are walking.
2. The little boy is clapping his hands.
3. He is wearing a green shirt.
4. An aeroplane is flying above.
5. Jagan and Jothi run upstairs.

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