Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Children English - Story - A Brave Little Squirrel

Children English - Story - A Brave Little Squirrel

A monkey, a rabbit, a squirrel and a cat were
friends. One day, they went looking for food.

They saw a bungalow with a beautiful garden.
There were a lot of fruits.

“Today is a very lucky day for us!” said the

“I had no food yesterday. I am
going to eat quickly,” said the

“Sh… Look there! A dog is watching us,"
said the squirrel.

“Shall we come here tomorrow?"
asked the cat.

“No! I want the fruit now," said the

"Listen! We shall come back in the
evening," said the cat.

"Ok! Let's go!" said the monkey sadly.
"Wait friends!" said the squirrel softly.

He moved slowly and touched the dog gently. But
the dog did not move. It was sitting quietly. The
squirrel looked at the eyes carefully.

"Hey friends! It is not a dog. It is just a toy", he
shouted joyfully.
What next?
They ate their food happily.

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