Sunday, June 20, 2010

Communication English Skills - small examples in a computer firm

A dialogue between Immanuel, a hardware engineer and Aishwarya, a student of class XI, who is entering a computer firm, and is very curious:

Aishwarya : What sleek computers I find here! Could these small boxes contain such enormous information on anything and everything under the sun and on earth? What is that small thing
with a tail?

Imrmanuel : It is a mouse.

Aishwarya : But it doesn’t wag its tail.

Immanuel : It’s you who is wagging the tail. The mouse helps you to access the monitor.

Aishwarya : I hope the computer monitor is not as strict as my class monitor. Now, is that a typing

Immanuel : That’s called a keyboard.

Aishwarya : Will it produce music?

Immanuel : (Smiles) It helps you key in information into the computer.

Aishwarya : Now I’m getting curiouser and curiouser. What is this tower-like thing?

Immanuel : That’s the central processing unit -CPU.

Aishwarya : What does it contain?

Immanuel : It contains the hard disk, motherboard, floppy drive, CD drive, etc., all of which go to make a computer. These are the components which help the computer process information and
answer all your questions,

Aishwarya : Will the computer tell me whether I need to buy it or not?
Immanuel : ?!

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