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Conversation between mother and child

Conversations between parents and son, particularly between mothers and their kids, are a lot of fun at times. However, when things get going, conversations can get heated up too. Irrespective of how heated a conversation gets, it is always down to parents to calm things down.

If you have ever had a conversation with your child, particularly teenagers, you are sure to accept the fact that it involves lots of grunting, blank stares, and ever-changing body postures. If anything, such conversations can leave you feeling completely deranged and frustrated. The fact of the matter is that most kids these days are rather uncommunicative with their parents. For this reason, trying to talk to them can get extremely challenging. However, what you need to bear in mind is the fact that you can indulge in successful communication with your kid with the help of both art and science.


Having a conversation with your child may not always be easy. Hence, here are a few tips that will help make it easier for you to indulge your child in a conversation:

• Initiate the conversation such that your kids know that you care about them.

• Ensure that you understand what your kids are saying. Repeat what they said if you have to.

• Talk to your children only when they are most likely to talk. Notice their times and be available.

• If your kids have concerns, stop whatever it is that you are doing and hear them out.

• Instead of focusing on your own feelings, focus on those of your children while talking to them.

• Do not argue about who is wrong or right; instead, agree to disagree.

• Try not to lecture your child, particularly if they are a teenager.

• Create a comfortable environment for your conversation to take place in.

Example 1

Today is Sunday. Sugi and Abi are reading quietly. Mother is sick. Father’s friends have suddenly arrived. As mother is sick, she asks her daughters to make coffee.

Mother : Sugi, Abi you know your mother is not well. For once, could you make coffee for the guests?

Sugi : Dear me! What do we do?

Mother : It’s very simple. Let me tell you how. Listen.

Sugi : OK, Ma. Come Abi. You will help me. Won’t you?

Abi : Yes, I’ll.

Mother : Let me tell you how coffee is made. Three spoonfuls of coffee powder is taken in the percolator. One cup of water is boiled. The boiled water is poured into the percolator. Water percolates through the coffee powder and the decoction gets collected in the bottom container. 2 cups of milk is boiled in a separate container. Then the decoction is added to the milk. Then, 3 teaspoonfuls of sugar is taken and added to the coffee. Then it is stirred.

Sugi : OK, Ma, it’s done.

(Coffee is served with a smile and the guests are pleased.)

Father : Ah! For a change, coffee was prepared by my daughters today and it tastes good.

Example 2 

Here’s a look into a simple conversation between mother and son:

Mother: Son, all the time you sit here just watching television like a couch potato! Your exams are going to start next week.

Son: I cannot study all the time! It’s my life and I want to live it on my own terms.

Mother: When you get settled down in life, we will leave you alone. But till then, you need to know that you have to follow my rules!

Son: But I don't want this kind of life! I just want to be free and live without you poking around in my life all the time.

Mother: You can live your life as you desire, but we provide all the things that are there in your life. If you want a good future, you should follow what I say.

Son: Mom, I want to live a life without rules and strictness.

Mother: Alright son, do as you please, but remember that in doing so, you will have to lose your parents.

Son: Mom, I want you to be on my side always. I am nothing without you.

Mother: If we interfere in your life for your own good and betterment, you take it very negatively.

Son: I realize what you are saying, mom. I'll take your advice now and start studying from 10 o’clock.

Mother: Dear, I want what's good for you. You realized your mistake, and that's the whole point. Study hard and make me proud!

Example 3

Conversation between mother and son

Naren Keshav comes home after six months of stay at a residential school to spend his short holidays with his mother, Chellam.

Chellam : Hello Naren, how was your journey? It was raining heavily. How did you come from the station?

Naren : I walked the distance.

Chellam : What? Walked three kilometers!

Naren : Don’t you know ma, I am in the NCC? I can walk even ten kilometres on a given day.

Chellam : When I was young, I too could walk four or five kilometres to fetch water from the river. Well. You must have a wash now. Go to the bathroom. Let me make your favourite noodles.

Naren : Can I have lime soda along with it, Ma?

Chellam : No. Don’t you know you’re allergic to lime? Instead you may have mango milkshake. By the way, I plan to take you to your aunt’s place for a change.

Naren : Sorry ma, I ought to complete a lot of assignments  before I return to school. Don’t you think that you
should consult me before you decide?

Chellam : Right son, you may go and do your homework before it gets dark.

Naren : Why ma?

Chellam : The power might fail anytime.

Example 4 -  conversation between mother and son

(Tharun is going away to a summer camp.)

Mother : Let’s pack your trekking bag, shall we?

Tharun : Yes, let’s.

Mother : Don’t forget your trekking shoes, will you?

Tharun : No, I won’t.

Mother : Don’t talk to strangers, will you?

Tharun : No, I won’t.

Mother : Send grandma a postcard, won’t you?

Tharun : Yes, I’ll. (Tharun is about to leave)

Mother : Wait a minute, can you?

Tharun : Yes, I can.

Mother : Take some home-made sweets. You must share it with your friends. Won’t you?

Tharun : Yes, ma. Bye!

Note: When we make a suggestion, the question tag ‘Shall we’ is used.

When we use a negative imperative, we can only use ‘will you’ as a question tag.

When we use an imperative, we can be more polite by adding one of the following question tags.

will you      won’t you   would you


Ananya Sahoo said...

a nice conversation....evry child shud b responsible and lend a helping hand to his parents inorder to face the challenges of the world outside never ignore wat our parents say coz it has a lot of value hidden in it which discloses in future...

Harry de B. said...

I like how this conversation is full of grammatical errors and has some words that no child could ever pronounce.

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