Friday, June 11, 2010

Conversation skills - Asking someone to do something in English

Example conversation to ask other people to do something by conversation skills.

“You have to leave your footwear outside.”
Where have you seen this kind of instruction?
Why is it necessary to follow this instruction?


.Arundathi : My son in Delhi has written to me asking me
to go over there next Monday.
Bhagyam : What for?
Arundathi : It seems he has to attend a training programme
at Kolkatta. Do I need to go?
Bhagyam : Yes, I think you ought to go. His family needs
some elderly person to be with them.
Arundathi : In that case let me tell my husband to book a
train ticket for me to Delhi.
Bhagyam : It’s better if he books today itself.
Arundathi : Yes, that’s a good idea.

In a Transport Company, the manager has received a court
warrant for deposing before the magistrate about a bus
Transport Inspector : Sir, did you see the warrant from the
magistrate court?
Manager : Yes, but I didn’t see the details.
Transport Inspector : You know, Sir. One of our buses plying
to Trichy was involved in an accident a
fortnight ago.
Manager : Oh! I see. Are we required to be present
in the court?
Transport Inspector : I think we are under an obligation to
depose before the magistrate.
Manager : Who will do it, you or me, Sir?
Transport Inspector : One of us can represent our company. I
myself will attend because I know all
the details of the case very well.
Manager : OK. Thank you.

1. Teacher : All the students except you, have submitted the
assignment. I don’t see how you can get away
with it.
Student : Must I complete the assignment before this
Teacher : Yes, you must.

Conversation between Father and son

2. Ravi brought a letter from his school to his father with a
request to permit him to attend NSS camp for ten days.
Father : We’re planning to go to Thiruppathi next week. Do
you really need to attend the camp?
Ravi : Yes, Daddy. I’m an NSS volunteer. I am afraid I can’t
avoid it.
Father : What do you all do there?
Ravi : We have to render some social service to the villagers.
Father : OK then, go ahead with your camp.

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