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WARM UP - conversation in Daily activities of life

In our life situations who do we seek permission from? What for?

Arthi : Sheela, I lost my calculator. Mind if I use yours?
Sheela : No, not at all. You can have it.
Arthi : OK if I have this until this evening?
Sheela : Oh, sure.

Raghu, the secretary of the English club meets the Principal.
Raghu : Good morning, Sir.
Principal : Good morning. Have you got the confirmation from the speaker for the inauguration?
Raghu : Yes, sir. Professor Mathew from St. Joseph’s College
has given his consent. He’ll reach Madurai by 1 pm
tomorrow. Would it be possible to send the car to
pick him up, Sir?
Principal : I’m afraid it is not possible. You better hire a taxi.
We’ll pay the fare.

Expressions for seeking, granting and refusing permission in various situations are given below:

Formal Situations
Seeking permission : Might I have your permission to ……
With your permission I should like to…
Would it be all right if I …………
Granting permission: Permission is granted ……….
We are pleased to permit …..
Refusing permission : I’m afraid we couldn’t allow.
I’m afraid we don’t have the authority.

Informal Situations
Seeking permission : Any chance of borrowing …….
Mind if I borrow ……..
All right if I use …………..
Granting permission : It’s OK / fine / all right
Go ahead.
Of course, you can.
Refusing permission : I’d like to, but I can’t ….
I can’t possibly.
Sorry that’s not on.
No way, I’m afraid.

Neutral Situations
Seeking permission : Would it be possible ………..?
I wonder if you could ………
Do you mind if ……….. ?
Granting permission: By all means do ……..
Please don’t hesitate.
Yes, certainly, you can.
Refusing permission : I don’t really think you can.
I’m afraid that’s not possible.
I’m sorry I’m not supposed to allow…..

ORAL PRACTICE - Conversation in shop
1. Shopkeeper : May I help you, Sir?
Ravi : I’m looking for a pair of black cotton
Shopkeeper : Here’s one, Sir.
Ravi : Do you mind if I try this on me?
Shopkeeper : No, not at all.
Ravi : Thank you (after trying). It’s quite all right
for me. I’ll take this

Conversation in school.

Teacher : Sir, class XII students want to go for a picnic
to Malampuzha. Would it be all right if I take
them this week end?
Headmaster : How about their revision test?
Are they through with it?
Teacher : Yes sir, they are.
Headmaster : In that case, I think you can go ahead.
Teacher : May I take the Zoology teacher with us?
Headmaster : I’m afraid we couldn’t allow. For twenty
students only one teacher can accompany.
Teacher : It’s all right, Sir. I’ll manage.

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Heather Rowland said...

Very informative! I learned a lot especially the expressions focusing on seeking, granting and refusing. There is a variety of expressions involved!

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