Thursday, June 10, 2010

Example basic conversation between Inspector and car Driver in English

A lady was traveling by a car. The car was stopped and
waylaid by two robbers. Her gold chain was snatched away by
them. She reported the matter to the police. The inspector made an

Inspector : Who stopped the car?
Car driver : Two people
Inspector : What did you do when they asked you to stop?
Car driver : I didn’t know what to do. I was shocked to see some
boulders at a distance. 1 slowed down the car.
Inspector : And then ..........?
Car driver : Suddenly one of them pulled out a knife and
threatened to kill me if I didn’t stop driving. Then I
stopped the car.
Inspector : Then what happened?
Car driver : One of them caught hold of the lady and the other snatched
the chain. They escaped on a bike.
Inspector : Can you identify them if you sec them again?
Car driver : Of course, I can. One was wearing a black shirt and black
pants and the other was wearing a striped shirt and a dhoti.
He had a thick moustache /ms ‘sta://
Inspector : OK, you can go now and you may have to come
here whenever you are summoned.
Car driver : Yes, Sir.

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