Monday, June 28, 2010

How to face an interview

How to face an interview?

    Take a complete C.V. - It must mention your name, age, educational qualification, job experience starting with the current one, goal in life, extra curricular activities, languages known, special achievements, references, contact address.

    Know the company well before attending the interview. - About their activities, products, clients, people, culture, overall perception.

    Understand the nature of the job you have applied for. - Responsibilities, authorities, reporting structure, skills required.

    Go well dressed. - In formals preferably wearing Tie or even a neat shirt & trouser will do.

    Conduct yourself in the interview.-

    Wish the interviewer when met.
    Your voice & body language should reflect interest & enthusiasm in the job/company. Sound confident while answering.

    Never feel ashamed to say ' No' if you don't know the answer.

    Never bluff.

You have a right to question. - About the nature of the job, hierarchy structure, compensation package, career path. There is no compulsion to join the organization because it is interested in you. You have a right to accept or refuse.

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