Wednesday, June 16, 2010

improve spoken English - Conversation between soldiers

(Two soldiers are talking about their General who has recently won a war.)

Soldier 1 : Isn’t he wonderful?
Soldier 2 : He’s an absolute fool. He is sweet and lovable, but he
is an idiot. It’s his luck which saves him all the time.
Soldier 1 : That’s interesting!
Soldier 2 : As captain of the war he blundered about. Others
misunderstood his blunders to be an inspiration of
Soldier 1 : What was his blunder this time?
Soldier 2 : Merely the mistaking of his right hand for his left -
that was all. An order had come to him to fall back and
support our right; but he fell forward and went over
the hill to the left. The entire enemy army in reserve
was hiding there. They thought that no single regiment
would boldly go there at such a time. The enemies
themselves broke their ranks and in no time it turned
into a sweeping and splendid victory for him.
Soldier 1 : So he is hailed as a marvellous military genius.

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