Friday, June 11, 2010

improve spoken English - ENCOURAGING OTHERS

 Example conversation of Encouraging others in English. Basic conversation in school.

Sachin Tendulkar strikes three sixers consecutively in a cricket
test match.
Spectator:Well done, Sachin. Keep it up!

1. Physical Education Teacher & Renuka

PET : Renu!You were mainly responsible for the victory
of our team in hockey. That’s great.
Renuka : But, Sir, I am anxious about playing for the state
PET : You are doing fine. There’s nothing to feel
Renuka : Thank you for your encouragement, Sir. I’m now
going home for the week end.
PET : Convey my regards to your Dad.
Renuka : Yes, Sir. Let me take leave of you.
PET : OK, Bye.
Renuka : Good-bye, Sir.

2. School Pupil Leader (SPL) with senior students.
Student 1 : When are we getting the bus passes?
Many of our friends are asking for it.
SPL : I’m meeting the Headmaster this evening to
represent the matter. But I am a little scared.
Student 2 : Why should you? Go ahead. We’re right behind
SPL : Thanks a lot.
Student 1 : We were told that he was not too well yesterday.
So, before opening the matter, please enquire
after his health.
SPL : I’ll try my best to convince the Headmaster
about the problem.
Student 1 and 2: All the best.
SPL : Thank you.

The expressions that can be used to encourage people in their
efforts and on their achievements, are detailed below:

Informal : Come on!
Keep it up!
You can do it!
Go on!

Neutral : Well done!
You’re doing fine / very well!
That’s fine / lovely / great!

Formal : You have our backing.
You have our whole-hearted support

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