Friday, June 11, 2010

Improve Spoken English - Giving Reason in English -

Example basic conversation in English. How to give reason for something.

The principal has called Rahim into his chamber to talk to
him about an offer of scholarship to study in Malaysia.
Principal : Don’t you think the scholarship is a great boon
you’ve got. Why do you decline this offer?
Rahim : I do realise the value of the scholarship, sir. But if I
could explain, my mother doesn’t want me to go
Principal : Why?
Rahim : You know, Sir. I am a fatherless boy and I’m the only
son at home. My mother living alone for three years
in my absence! She cannot even think of it.
Principal : Nobody to take care of her?
Rahim : My uncle, my mother’s brother, is already in Dubai.
Principal : Oh, I see. Then you are justified.

Leela and Brinda are friends staying in a college hostel.
Leela : Hi! Good morning! Where were you all the while?
Brinda : I’m very much here.
Leela : But I couldn’t see you at breakfast.
Brinda : Well, I woke up early this morning so that I could go
for a long walk.
Leela : Didn’t you have your breakfast?
Brinda : I did. I was the last person to come out of the dining

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Bernadette said...

All too often, when we reason out we leave out on the part on how we say it. This conversation really helps in building rapport also with the other person.

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