Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Improve spoken English - Telephone conversation example

The following is a conversation conveying a message.

Ramesh : Hello! Can I speak to Arthi, please?
Sridhar : Arthi is not at home. May I know who’s calling, please?
Ramesh : I’m her friend Ramesh. Mmm.... I’ll talk to her later.
Sridhar : Is there any thing to be conveyed to her?
Ramesh : Could you tell her that I’m coming tomorrow to
Ahmedabad? I plan to visit schools attended by
Gandhiji in Gujarat.
Sridhar : I’ll give her your message.
Ramesh : Thank you.
Task : Practise this conversation

II. The following is a con versation enquiring after one’s health.
Vikram : Hello! I’m Vikram calling from Bangalore. Is it
Ravi : Hello, Vikram! How are you?
Vikram : I’m fine. How are you?
Ravi : Fine.
Vikram : In fact, I called you to enquire after your father’s health.
I heard he was hospitalised.
Ravi : He is still in hospital. He is improving and should be
back home tomorrow.
Vikram : He was alright when I saw him some time back. What
happened now?
Ravi : He complained of giddiness. We took him to the
hospital. He was admitted because the doctors wanted
to keep him under observation.
Vikram : I hope there is nothing serious.
Ravi : His blood pressure was a little high, but now it is under
Vikram : Wish him a speedy recovery.
Ravi : Yes, I will. Thanks for calling.
Vikram : I am sending a ‘get well’ card too.
Ravi : Thank you.
Task: Practise this conversation

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