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Ticket booking conversation - Railway passenger Enquiry

In order to get your traveling needs fulfilled, you need to talk to the railway enquiry officer.  People usually call railway enquiry officers to acquire information about railway tickets, traveling classes, and arrival and departure time of trains. These conversations are small yet important in terms of getting you the best deal for your travel. However, there are certain things that you need to bear in mind when calling in to speak to railway enquiry. When holding such a conversation, it is necessary for you to maintain a polite tone and ensure that you ask all the questions possible to make the journey ahead smooth. If you rush through the conversation, there is no way that your queries will be answered properly – take your time to inquire and give the railway enquiry officer time to explain the information to you.


Here are a few tips that will help you have an insightful conversation with railway enquiry:

- Keep a polite tone.
- Make sure that your questions are adequately answered.
- If you’re unclear about things, ask about them again.
- Explain to them as to what information you need so that they may answer you precisely.
- Give the enquiry officer ample time to explain things; don’t rush them.

Here we are presenting a conversation between railway enquiry and passenger. As you will note, the conversation has been held in a very simple language and in a very polite tone. The conversation is just to give an idea to make out how you should inquire about information from railway enquiry. When you call in for information, you can spice it up to the limits of your imagination. However, the one thing that you are sure to note here is that the conversation is simple and to the point. If you complicate your questions, there isn't much chance that you will receive a proper reply.

Anita : Good morning. I want to book a ticket to Singapore.

Clerk : Good morning, madam. When do you want to travel?

And by which class, executive or business?

Anita : Next Monday. Business class.

Clerk : OK. Please wait. Let me check the availability.

Anita : Sure.

Clerk : Yes. Tickets are available. Shall I block your ticket?

Anita : Please. How much is the fare?

Clerk : Just a minute ....... That will be Rs.24,000, madam.

Anita : OK. Thank you. I’ll drop by in an hour and pick up the ticket.

Clerk : You are welcome.

Sample conversation

Ticket Officer: Hello sir, what are your travel plans for today?

Customer: Hi, can you please guide me on fares for the train to Amsterdam?

Ticket Officer: We offer economy class tickets and business class tickets. The economy class has four seats per section with small seats. The business class, on the other hand, has two seats per section, and the seats are wide in size and equipped with soft headrest cushions.

Customer: Are there any discounts for multiple travelers?

Ticket Officer: Yes sir, you can avail up to 25% discount if you purchase 5 tickets. We also have a tempting offer for newly married couples; your companion can travel for 50% less with your ticket.

Customer: Well, that’s interesting. Can you please make reservation for two business class tickets? And I want to avail the spousal discount. How much will it cost for the round trip?

Ticket Officer: It will cost €400.

Customer: Great! Please book one-way tickets for my wife and me for 23rd December.

Ticket Officer: Thank you for purchasing these tickets. Hope you have a safe trip. Goodbye!

Customer: Goodbye!

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Kyle said...

I'm picking up a lot of new stuff from this conversation. Might as well add to my day-to-day dealings with the guy who gives me tickets at the train.

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