Sunday, June 20, 2010

Improve your conversation skill - Example in a bike show room

A conversation between a prospective buyer of a motor bike and a sales person:

Customer : I am interested in buying a motor bike. Could you please give me the pamphlets of a few leading bikes in the market?
Sales Person : Most certainly! The latest is the CD 100 LX by Hero Miranda.
Customer : That sounds interesting. This is my friend Harish. He is an automobile engineer. Do you mind giving him Some technical details?
S.P : I would be glad to do so.
Harish : Would you tell us about the engine and chassis?
S.P : Well, the engine is 97.2cc, four stroke, and horizontal. The chassis is T-bone.
Harish : That’s great! What about Tank capacity and mileage?
S.P : It has a 10 litre tank capacity and the mileage would be 60 km/litre. Further it has a power
of 7.0@8000 (bph/rpm)
Customer : What about the choice of colours?
S.P : Sir, we have black, red and blue. Also we have an introductory offer, the showroom will
take care of the comprehensive insurance for the first year; it’s on the house sir.
Customer : What about the price?
S.P : It will be Rs.43,561/- Sir.

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