Wednesday, June 30, 2010

kids spoken English - Telephone conversation

(It is a telephone conversation between Ramya and the
receptionist at the youth hostel,

Ramya : Hello, I’d like to visit Pitchavaram on 15th August.
Receptionist : Would you like to have accommodation here?
Ramya : Yes.
Receptionist : Would you like a single room or a double room to
be booked?
Ramya : I would rather have a double room booked. I would
like to stay for two days. I would like to go boating
in the lake in the mangrove forest there.
Receptionist : Which would you prefer, a rowing boat or a
mechanised one?
Ramya : I’d prefer a rowing boat.
Receptionist : That’s fine. We’d arrange for the room and for

Answer the following:
1. Which place would Ramya like to visit?
2. How long would she stay there?
3. Where would she like to go boating?
4. Which would she prefer, a rowing boat or a mechanised boat?

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