Friday, June 4, 2010

The King of the Jungle story - Children English -

Small story in English for children

Animals in Jungle

One day some animals met in the forest. They wanted to elect their king.

Rabbit - I am very smart. So I will be the king.”

Monkey - “Hey! You are very small. You cannot be the king. But I can.”

Deer - “You are always
playful. You can’t be
the king but I can.”

Fox - “You are very
gentle.You can’t be.
I ’ll be the king”.

Elephant - “You are tricky!
Nobody likes you.
I’m the strongest of all.
So I’ll be the king”.

Suddenly they heard the lion roar. Urr . . . . . .

They all ran fast . . . .

Who is the king of
the jungle?

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