Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Learn English story for children - Work or Play?

One day some ants were busy gathering food.
A dove was watching the ants. It spoke to an ant.

story for children in English work or play?

Dove : What are you doing?
Ant : We are gathering food.
Dove : You are always working.
Don't you ever play?
Ant : Work while you work,
play while you play.
Don't you know this?

A few weeks passed. It started raining. The dove
had no food. Look what it did

Dove : I am very hungry. Have you got some
Parrot : I am sorry. I have no food. The crow
has lot of food. You can ask him.

Dove : Have you got anything to eat?
Crow : I have no food. My friends have eaten
all the food.

The dove came back to the ant - hill.

Dove : Can you give me some food?
Ant : Sure, I have enough food. I can give
Dove : Thank you. How wise you are! I'll also
store food.

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