Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Oral practice english

Admit your mistakes frankly and apologize profusely.

Teacher : Rohit, you didn’t show me your home work.
Rohit : I am sorry, Sir. I haven’t done it (apologizing)
Teacher : Oh, why?
Rohit : I wasn’t well yesterday.
Teacher : What was wrong with you?
Rohit : I had a headache.
Teacher : But you know, I saw you playing cricket yesterday evening. Aren’t you telling a lie?
Rohit : Extremely sorry, Sir. (apologizing)
Teacher : You are the head boy. Couldn't‘t you set an example to others? (advising)
Rohit : Please excuse me, Sir. I now regret having told a lie. (regretting) I assure you, Sir. Hereafter, I will never tell a lie in my life.
Teacher : Good that you have realized. (comforting)

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