Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Power of description - Example sentence

Here are a few more examples of the power of description:

e.g. 1: “This is a man.”
“This is a tall, well-built, fair-complexioned man with straight dark hair, bushy eyebrows., handle bar moustache and a clean - shaven chin. (description of an appearance)

e.g. 2: “Mother Teresa was a nun”.
Mother Teresa, a nun from the order of ‘The Sisters of Charity’, was kind and caring of the sick and dying, generous and loving to all and with a heart of gold for the poor and needy. (description of human feelings)

e.g. 3: “Gopal is unwell”.
Gopal has high fever with severe cold, cough and head-ache which shows all symptoms of an attack of’ flu’- (description of illness)

e.g. 4: “Meera was dressed up for a wedding”.
Meera was dressed in a rich brown silk brocade saree with a broad zari border and a heavy zari embroidered pallu of dancing peacocks and drooping flowers, She wore a matching blouse and a
pair of zari lined sandals. (description of clothes)

The above sentences are examples the appropriate use of vocabulary for description in effective communication.

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