Monday, June 28, 2010

War Field - Glossary

shoulder /’S@Uld@/ - bear; accept
academy /@’k{demI/ - school or college for special training
career /k@’rI@/ - job in a particular area of war
bunker /’bVrjk@/ - strongly built shelter for soldiers or guns
altitude /’{ltItju:d/ - height above the sea-level
crucial /’kru:Sl/ - very important
sacrifice /’s{krIfaIs/ - the act of giving up something for a noble cause
ambition /{m’bISn/ - strong desire
trouble spot /’trVblspQt/ - a place where there is danger
volunteer /vQl@n’tI@/ - to do something of one’s own will
launched /lO:ntSt/ - (here) sent a weapon into
the sky
hurdle /’h@:dl/ - difficulty
terrain /te’rem/ - rough land
fierce /fi@s/ - severe
retreat /rI’tri:t/ - moveback
unmindful /Vn’maIndfUl/ - not taking into account
injury /IndZ@rI/ - wound
immortal /I’mO:tl/ - that will live forever
fatal /’fertl/ - causing death
determination /dIt@:mI’neiSn/ - strong will
grit /grIt/ - courage
posthumously /’pQstjUm@slI/ - after death
heart-rending /’hQ:trendIN/ - causing deep sorrow
torture /’tO:tS@/ - to cause great pain
fled /fled/ - ran away from danger
annexe /’{neks/ - extension of a building
recover /rI’kVv@/ - get back
seized /si:zd/ - captured
clutches /klVtSIz/ - tight grip
anxious /’{NS@s/ - worried
woes /w@Uz/ - misfortunes
amusements /@’mju:zm@nts/ - enjoyments
terrible /’ter@bl/ - very severe
puny /’pju:nI/ - very small

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