Sunday, July 4, 2010

Airport conversation between two people in English

Bharathi : Hello, Saira, how come you are here?
Saira Banu : Hey Bharathi, what a surprise! How are you?
Bharathi : I’m fine, thank you. My son Sanjeevi is returning
from Singapore. I am here to receive him.
Saira Banu : Anything special about his trip?
Bharathi : He got a RANK award (Race for Awareness aNd
Knowledge) given by AIR INDIA. All the awardees
were taken on an ‘Ambassadorial visit’ to Singapore.
They left Chennai on the 7th of this month.
Saira Banu : Congratulations! Great!
Bharathi : Thank you. Are you leaving for Sharjah after
the vacation?
Saira Banu : Of course, I’m.
(There is an announcement)

May I have your kind attention please. AIR INDIA regrets
to inform the delay of AI-447 from Singapore. The expected time
of arrival is 12.45 hrs.
May I have your kind attention please. All passengers
proceeding by Indian Airlines flight IC967 to Sharjah are requested
to pass through Gate 2 for Immigration, customs and security check.
Bharathi : Well Saira, it’s time for you to check in. Bon voyage!
Saira Banu : Thank you. Remember me to Sanjeevi.


Mary said...

Whenever you travel, your vocabulary also expands. A sample conversation like this is practical yet useful in adding to your stock of knowledge.

Unknown said...

I have never heard anyone ask for my kind attention. We might say "Thank you kindly." or "May I kindly request..." or "Would you kindly refrain from..." In American airports you will hear "May I have your attention please..."

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