Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Conversation between Girls about Dog sports

Banu : Hi Chitra! There’s something going on. Shall
we go and see?
Chitra : Look there! People are taking their pet dogs
to the ground. Come let’s go.
Banu : See there’s a man saying something about dogs
over the mike.

Commentator : Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to this
wonderful ‘Canine Sports –2005’. Come and
see how our loyal friends perform on the

Chitra : Banu, see the dogs on the running track. Let’s
watch them now.

Commentator : On the running track we see a Pointer,
Dobermann and a Labrador. The whistle goes,
now all the three dart onto the track – the
Dobermann crosses the finishing line first, the
Labrador comes second and the Pointer –
Cheer them all!
Banu : Come Chitra, let’s go and cheer the winners.

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