Sunday, July 4, 2010

Example Conversation between friends in English

Sudhan : Hi, Gopi! You wanted to have a pet dog.
Gopi : Yes, of course! Could you please help me in finding
Sudhan : My aunt has got one Alsatian pup and a Mastiff pup
to sell. Would you like to buy from her?
Gopi : I don’t know much about the breeds. Can you tell
me something about both the breeds?
Sudhan : Well. An Alsatian and a Mastiff have quite a lot in
common. Both are good watch-dogs. They are quite
Gopi : Then I’ll have the Alsatian. Can you take me to your
aunt’s house, this evening?
Sudhan : I’m sorry, I’ve to attend the music class, this evening.
But my aunt’s house is quite close-by, you know?
Gopi : In that case, could you please tell me how to reach
her house?
Sudhan : Oh, sure! Go by this main road and turn left. Her
house is the fifth one on the right side opposite the
Gopi : OK. See you then.

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Anonymous said...

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